It's me

Noel Berry

Independent Game Developer

Sometimes, when I'm in the right mood,
I make video games and art. Or something.

Hey this is me

I'm Noel Berry and usually I make games, art, and other digital stuff that seems exciting at the time. Currently I'm living in a house with a few awesome game developers in Vancouver, BC. I've been making games since I was a kid, working in Game Maker and RPG Maker. It was fun stuff. These days I'm writing most of my games in C# (with Unity or MonoGame).
If you need to contact me, check out the lovely links to the right. Otherwise, if you ever want to hang out, I'm at events like GDC and PAX pretty frequently.

Contact junk


The fastest way to get a hold of me is on Twitter - @NoelFB


buuuut I also have an e-mail!